Green & ethical web design

We do business responsibly, that’s the foundation of Make Hay and we wouldn’t do it any other way.

Ethical policy

We want our business to make a positive difference to the world, not a negative one. So our ethical policy outlines what we will and won't support via our web services. We hope this shows our commitment to our own and our clients’ values and aims to encourage decision makers to think about the impact of where they spend their money.

The ethical policy is not meant to judge. If your business has not yet taken the steps to become greener or work in a more ethical way then working with Make Hay could be that first step.
Download our Ethical Policy (pdf)

Environmental policy

Our environmental policy demonstrates what we are already doing in terms of green business practice and provides us with ways forward to continually improve those practices as we review and update.
Download our Environmental Policy (pdf)

How are we green & ethical?

We've been asked in the past "How can a web design company be green & ethical?”. Here’s a little run-down of how we do it:

  • Our office uses a renewable electricity source and so does our website hosting.
  • We work efficiently, recycle as much as we can from the office and use suppliers with green and ethical credentials.
  • We use our ethical and environmental policies to guide our work and always look to collaborate with positive organisations.
  • We support small charities that make us smile, providing pro bono services. We are also website volunteers for Green's Windmill and other local social projects and organisations, donating web design, website support, updates and of course our wind powered website hosting.