Our Story

We founded Make Hay in 2004 with our collective knowledge and experience in web design, IT training, the charity & voluntary sectors and a personal interest in living ethically.

Our desire in the beginning and still today is to do meaningful work and to make a positive impact. Our first ever strapline was in fact ‘web design making a positive difference’.

Doing things our own way

Like most life-changing decisions, Make Hay started with a conversation which basically went along the lines of “I’m tired of working to other people’s rules, let’s start a business and do things our way”. We already had experience in the IT industry, teaching web design and creating websites as well as working in the charity and voluntary sector where we saw what dedicated people who want to cause real change can achieve.

Our core ethos

In the early noughties, websites were a relatively new marketing tool (and social media as we know it now didn’t exist) but we understood their potential. To us it was all the more vital that ethical brands and organisations should be able to get their message heard via the web. We knew we could support those who aligned with our own values by creating a professional, affordable web presence and contributing to a movement of positive change. This is still our core ethos today.