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The Renewal Trust The Renewal Trust home page

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The Renewal Trust St Ann's Allotments section index

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The Renewal Trust Case Study

The Renewal Trust is a Nottingham based charity which nurtures happier, healthier and more connected local communities. They work together sharing knowledge, expertise, and building relationships with communities in St Ann’s, Sneinton, Mapperley in Nottingham City and beyond. Alongside the charity they have two trading arms, one which manages St Ann's Allotments (one of the largest allotment sites in the world) and one which manages venues and spaces for hire.

We were commissioned to build a brand new website to replace their existing one. In doing so our aims were to address and eliminate barriers and issues caused by the existing website; namely that it was difficult for content administrators to use, which meant that the website had become out of date and did not accurately reflect the work of The Renewal Trust. It was also important to communicate the connection and distinction between the charitable and trading arms of the organisation and 'speak' to the diverse stakeholders - from funders, partner organisations and trustees to families looking for activities and people seeking employment support, to name a few.

Because the Renewal Trust covers such a wide scope of work including grants awards, events organisation, liaison with decision makers, community groups networks and support, building management, volunteering opportunities and more, a large part of the work was in organising the structure and detail of the content. It was vital that visitors and stakeholders can easily and quickly find what is relavent to them and take action. For example, see the specification of a venue before booking, find out how to apply for an allotment plot, access criteria for grants and so on.

The existing Renewal Trust branding was used, making sure that the broad colour scheme was executed in an accessible manner, still conveying the separate types of services provided. A responsive and accessible design was created and the ExpressionEngine content management system implemented. This CMS allows website admins to easily manage the content and in some cases, structure and colour schemes of the individual pages without having to worry about the overall design or any technical experience.

Because the CMS is easy and instinctive to use, minimal training and guidance was required. However, we were on hand to answer specific questions and support as the final details were put in place before launch. This support is ongoing.

The website is of course hosted at our very own Green Hosting.