About Make Hay

We know how important it is to offer a range of services, fulfilling the needs of a whole web project. We provide web design and web development, consultation, wind-powered green website hosting, logo design, SEO, training and support.

Reliable and real

We've been around for more than a decade and that's a long time in web years. We're not an agency and we manage each project 'in house' from beginning to launch and beyond. So, right from that first planning meeting to support and development years down the line, we are the same team you'll be working with.

Loving what you do

We specialise in partnering with charities, non-profits and social businesses because we want to make a real difference. We believe that those positive organisations should have excellent, beautiful and cost effective websites. That's our small part in the big picture. It's what we've always done and always will do.

We know our onions

In this ever-changing industry we're constantly sharpening our skills, always designing and developing for the modern web. We create applications and responsive websites for our clients to manage easily and effectively and for their visitors to use across all platforms and devices. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our favourite projects.

A honed process

We work in partnership with our clients from the initial consultation phase to website launch. Every project goes through a detailed and collaborative process to create a successful site for the website owners and their audience. We describe our process in more detail here.

Green & ethical business

So do we walk our talk? Yes. Since we began in 2004 our ethical policy has helped guide our work and our environmental policy communicates the steps we take to be a green business. We were the first and still one of the very few web companies who work this way.

Powered by the wind

We run our clients' websites on our very own and very loved Green Hosting, powered 100% by renewable energy from wind farms right here in the UK in an energy efficient data centre.