About Make Hay

We make websites that work for our clients and their purpose.
Purpose goes way beyond profit.

Purpose goes way beyond profit

Since we founded Make Hay in 2004 we have been committed to our clients’ success as well as the success of the website we create for them and that’s because we believe in what they do. So, we take the time to understand their needs, build lasting collaborations and create websites that are a credit to them and their visitors.

We provide a range of services that meet the needs of the ongoing lifespan of a website. The launch of a web project isn’t the end, it is just the beginning.

Doing good in our field and yours

Whilst our clients are working to do good in their field we’re doing the same in ours, in the way we deliver our service, the processes we use and the websites we make. Accessibility, inclusivity and energy efficient design is built into every project. As well as our Green Hosting service powered 100% by renewable energy at one of the most energy efficient datacentres in the world.

We work with charities, non-profits, ethical brands, organisations and individuals. We see ourselves as taking a role in a much bigger picture, facilitating others within the wider movement of positive change. It is extremely rewarding to see a customer succeed, in part due to our collaboration and creative output.

As a member of the ethical business community we are working hard to contribute to changing things for the better - in the choices we make, the processes we use, and the websites we create.

More about us

Our Services - fulfilling the needs of a whole web project from the planning stage to launch and beyond.

Green Hosting - Website hosting powered by renewable energy from wind, sun and water sources.

Our Story - Our desire in the beginning and still today is to do meaningful work and to make a positive impact.